Effective Natural Home Remedies for Skin Tags

Published: 20th January 2010
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The home remedy which will remove the skin tags the fastest way possible is cutting it off. If you feel brave and adventurous, you can use tweezers and a cuticle cutter to get rid of the skin tags. This method is certainly not for the faint hearted. But many vouch that it is not all that painful and if done under fully sterile conditions, you can get rid of the skin tags in a jiffy and there will be no scars even! Just be sure to get everything sterilized - the tweezers, cuticle cutter - and swab the area around the tag to make it sterile. Apply some ice to the area surrounding the tag and hold the tag with the tweezers and pull at it and cut the fleshy stalk at one go with the cuticle cutter. Apply some antibiotic ointment after the blood flow if any is swabbed. Keep the area clean and dry and if you have no medical condition like diabetes causing problems with healing, you will be healed in no time! But, take the help of your friend if you would rather not do it yourself!

Here are some more home remedies for skin tags using what is generally available at home - in our medicine chest or at the nearby herbalist store.

* People use dental floss/thread to make a kind of tourniquet that will stop the blood flow to the skin tag for a few days which will make the skin tags shrivel up and fall off!

* They also use duct tapes on the tags so there will be a rejection kind of reaction by the body making the tags disappear.

* Aspirin dissolved in water, baking soda dissolved in water and baking soda mixed with castor oil can also be tried. Each method will reduce the size of the tags and eventually they fall off. Especially the baking soda and castor oil is a very popular remedy and said to be a very effective treatment.

* Dandelion juice has curative properties and can be applied on the skin tags for a few weeks until they disappear.

* Also the juice of Bermuda grass which has medicinal properties mixed with turmeric powder, rock salt, basil leaves and chebulic myrobalan - made into a fine paste should be applied and let stand for 30 minutes and then washed well. This is an Indian herbal home remedy which will reduce the skin tags very effectively.

Always wash the area surrounding the tag thoroughly and gently wipe it dry and try one of the above home remedies for skin tags.

So, you should not worry. There are many who live without treating the skin tags so long there is no irritation or it does not cause a cosmetic problem.

But you must remember that if any skin tag looks discoloured, painful or the tag gets bigger, please see your doctor as you may need a biopsy to check for malignancy etc.

Take care of yourself and all the best.

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