How to Reduce Pregnancy Stretch Marks - Simple yet Amazing Techniques

Published: 06th May 2010
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As women progresses towards the trimesters of pregnancy, the developing fetus exerts enormous pressure on the tummy resulting in the stretching of the skin. This extensive stretching of the elastic adipose tissue can be seen on belly, thighs and buttocks and after the birth of the child these stretch marks remain as the sign of motherhood.

These stretch marks cannot be categorized as a disease but a condition of the skin. These stretch marks take time to go off and in some cases it may remain for ever. Stretch marks depends upon the body weight of the mother, more the weight of the mother greater are the stretch marks in pregnancy.

Can stretch marks be prevented?

Stretch marks are common effects of pregnancy, so it can be reduced to a great extent but can't be prevented totally.

1. Controlled weight during pregnancy results in lesser stretch marks.

2. Drinking plenty of water keeps the skin hydrated and flushes out toxins.

3. Reduced intake of fats and sugar during pregnancy.

4. Taking food and nuts rich in zinc prevents the stretch marks.

5. Fats those are good for health like avocado, salmon, seeds, olive and safflower oils improves the skin health and its elasticity. These can be taken in moderate amounts.

6. Massaging almond oil on the skin; this should be carried out gently so that it does not cause any harm on the fetus.

Simple treatments of reducing stretch marks

1. Application of Vitamin E oil or taking supplements helps in reducing stretch marks.

2. After pregnancy work outs like swimming, exercises and yoga are effective in reducing the stretch marks.

3. Cocoa butter if applied on the affected area reduces the stretch marks

4. Aloe Vera oil also works well in stretch mark reduction.

5. A mixture of essential oils of Patchouli, Neroli, Mandarin, jasmine and Vitamin E oil softens the skin and the tissue beneath that prevents formation of stretch marks as well as reducing it.

6. Calendula helps in new cell formation and so application of the calendula oil or ointment on the affected area reduces stretch marks.

A good high fiber diet, exercises after pregnancy can play the most important role in reducing stretch marks to a great extent. Massaging of the essential oils must be carried out regularly taking enough time so that the oil penetrates deep into the skin to give the best results. One must have patience in treating these stretch marks since it was not built in a day and wait for the time to get back the original flawless skin.

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