Important Causes and Home Remedies for Leg Pain

Published: 28th June 2010
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Usually people suffer from pain in the leg due to the conditions which affect joints, bones, ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, nerves and the skin. The end results of these diseases are inflammation of the tissues which finally result in the source of pain.

Some of the important causes of the leg pain -

1. Leg pain may be the result of fractures also. Fracture is a condition of broken bone and it has a very common symptom of leg pain. The pain in the leg arises from the endings of the nerves located in the fibrous tissue lining of the bone.

2. Leg pain is also caused due to shin splits. This condition is also called tibial stress syndrome. Some of the common causes of this symptom are jumping, running, dancing etc.

3. The most obvious cause of leg pain is Trauma. Muscles, bones and bones are damaged by falls, twisting or near falls injury.

4. Some more causes of leg pain are sprains and strains, bleeding due to some injuries etc.

Leg pains can be treated with the help of home remedies. Some of the popular and effective home remedies -

1. Massaging leg with mustard, coconut or some herbal oils give fast and effective result in reducing the leg pain.

2. For curing of leg pain, fenugreek is very effective. For this you have to dry the leaves of methi in sun for 4-5 days. Then mix it in a glass of water and drink it daily early in the morning.

3. Intake of alcohol, excess sugar, chewing tobacco and smoking must be restricted in order to reduce the leg pain.

4. If you are suffering from arthritis pain then add 2-3 crushed cloves of garlic in a glass of diluted milk. Boil it and reduce it to quarter amount. Drink this mixture before going to bed.

5. Take a piece of camphor and add its one part in twenty parts of mustard oil. Keep this mixture into sun so that the camphor should be dissolved easily in the oil. Daily massage your leg with this oil. For leg pain it is an easy and effective remedy.

6. Warm bath of Epsom salt is very effective in treating the problem of leg pain. It acts as a good pain reliever as it is rich in magnesium. It is also very effective and helpful for arthritis patients as it relieves the leg pain easily.

7. You can also apply a paste prepared with turmeric, lime and salt on the affected area. It will reduce the leg pain especially caused due to sudden strain.

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