Major Challenge of SAP Software Implementation

Published: 30th June 2010
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SAP is software which was developed building on best business practices. It is a software package which is highly configurable. Implementation of the SAP changes the existing process of business in better direction and as long as the change is accepted. There are some challenges while implementing the SAP. A well layout plan is necessary for implementation of necessary changes.

Implementation of SAP software is related with the challenges that range from financial over functional to technical issues. During implementation of SAP, you have to face problems which appear at all levels of the project like business problems, financial problems or it may be the problem related to conflicts between project team members. If these problems are combined together then to deal with the problem will be a true nightmare for the management of the project. So it is very necessary to deal with each and every problem in a timely manner.

According to many companies they have insufficient internal full time resources to participate in implementation of this big system. Some companies due to right sizing or downsizing are operating on a bare minimum staffing. They are not supported by sufficient employees to carry out their day to day business smoothly and also to support a SAP roll out.

There are some external resources that are usually skilled consultants. These external resources or skilled consultants have the technical knowledge of customizing SAP software system to the specific requirement. They actively participate in the implementation of multiple SAP projects. Today at a premium price SAP consultants are available.

Some external resource items that are taken into consideration -

1. How many consultants are required?
2. What is their experience in industry?
3. How many implementation experience they have?
4. At what time which resources are required during the various phases of the project?
5. What should be the budget for software and hardware?

The biggest problem which is encountered while SAP implementation, is the lack of top management support. For a project of this multitude there must be a sponsor which has some sort of influence within the organization. Usually some executive member can do this job that is related with the interest in the success of the project.

Another point which is related with the implementation of SAP project is the executive steering board. If there is a requirement of significant changes or if there is an implementation of business impacting process or if there is also a requirement of existing business processes then steering board will have the final saying. Usually it consists of high-level executives, representatives of quality assurance, a representative of change management and also representatives of the systems integrator.

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